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    The Top 3 Reasons to Buy Our Aging Wellness Assessment

      |  Jan 20, 2023

    Have you ever wondered if there was a secret to feeling younger? If so, this is for you! 

    A growing body of research shows that how old you feel has an impact on how long you live and Modern Age was founded on that very principle. We designed our signature assessment, the Aging Wellness Assessment, to help you figure out what’s holding you back from feeling better. We help you develop a personalized plan to address those issues by partnering directly with a Modern Age clinician, and collecting the data from your bloodwork, cognitive test, and subjective age assessment to build recommendations that meet your goals.

    Reason #1 - Find out if you are at risk for developing a disease. 

    Our comprehensive panel evaluates 55 markers to uncover the root cause of issues related to energy, sleep, immunity, weight gain, mood, skin and hair health, and more. We can also detect early risks of diseases including: diabetes, obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, and cancer. 

    The Aging Wellness Assessment is a four step process: First, come visit one of our studios in NYC for a quick blood draw and bone scan, and then take the cognitive test and our subjective age assessment from the comfort of your home. This will  give you and your clinician a 360 degree view of your health. The review of your results and building of your personal plan can be done in an in-studio or virtual appointment - whatever is most convenient for you!

    Reason # 2 - Get 60 minutes of 1:1 time with your clinician. 

    The dedicated time you get with one of our board certified clinicians is invaluable and hard to find. This 1:1 conversation is led by you - ask your questions, walk through your results and discuss your goals. No brush off from the doctor, or waiting for a call back - a real, thorough conversation with your health at the forefront. 

    Reason # 3 - Uncover issues your healthcare providers may have missed. 

    The beauty of our Aging Wellness Assessment is the ability for our clinicians, in one place, to connect the dots and see patterns across your healthcare data that other doctors may not see. The comprehensive nature of the blood panel, bone scan, cognitive test and subjective age assessment bring together typically disparate pieces of information. This allows us to look beneath the surface and see that an issue with hormones may actually be the root cause of some skincare issues. 

    Our Aging Wellness Assessment is the first comprehensive health assessment designed for the whole you. Start today for $500 and uncover insights you can’t get anywhere else. For more information on each step of the process, visit our dedicated information page. Slow down your aging today!