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    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Modern Age

    What is Modern Age?
    Modern Age is a health and wellness company that gives you the tools and guidance to take control of how you age. Our holistic, evidence-based platform provides the treatments, products, diagnostics, and advice to help you feel great at every age.
    How do I contact you?
    You can reach us by phone in our clinic during operating hours or by email 24 hours/7 days per week.

    Phone: (646) 493-9950 | Email:
    What types of aging wellness support does Modern Age offer?
    Modern Age supports aging wellness needs across skin, hair, hormone, metabolic, cognitive, and bone health. We chose each category deliberately with a holistic approach to the most common concerns. The first signs of aging typically appear in your skin. Hair loss coincides with life events such as stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and aging. 40% of women report seeing hair loss by the age of 40. A focus on bone density earlier can set you up for success in later life. Hormones impact every aspect of our lives: from how we wake to how we sleep, our mental clarity, our libido, our energy, our appetite, and our moods. When something with our hormones is off, it usually shows up as a problem with something else — exhaustion, weight gain, hair loss, skin tone, and texture. Addressing these problems starts with focusing on the root cause. Our goal is to help our customers not just treat symptoms but also understand what’s causing those symptoms, particularly as our bodies change as we age.
    What are your top treatments?
    Who can use Modern Age?
    Modern Age helps customers in their 30s and up with aging needs. Anyone with a concern or question about their aging wellness can book a free consultation with Modern Age.
    Is Modern Age only for women?
    Aging is a gender-agnostic journey. Modern Age’s approach is one of inclusivity. We can help anyone take control of their aging wellness journey with treatments, prescriptions, and over-the-counter products.
    What is subjective age?
    Subjective age is how old you feel. A growing body of research shows that lowering your subjective age leads to better outcomes — better memory, greater strength, and younger brain age, to name a few. Many factors contribute to how old you feel. At a high level, they fall into categories that impact your visible age, psychological age, and lifestyle age. We will soon offer an assessment that determines your subjective age and gives personalized recommendations to help address areas in your control.
    Are you hiring?
    Yes!  On the Modern Age team, you will partner with world-class medical professionals and technologists to combine engaging digital experiences with one-of-a-kind clinical studios. Check out our open roles here.
    Does Modern Age offer gift cards?
    No, at this time, we do not offer gift cards.
    What is your service area?
    Modern Age is available in 16 states including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. More states coming soon!

    Aging Wellness Assessment

    What is an Aging Wellness Assessment?
    Our signature assessment provides an in-depth, 360-degree view of how you are aging. You will complete a blood draw, evaluate your cognitive function, and complete a skin analysis to get a holistic view of your health. Then, you'll meet with one of our clinicians to personalize a treatment plan based on your results so you can look and feel your best at any age.
    Please visit the Aging Wellness Assessment page to learn more.
    What states do you serve?
    Modern Age is available in 16 states including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. More states coming soon!
    You may see us at one of our NYC clinics or virtually.

    Optimization Program

    What is the Optimization Program?
    Tailored exclusively for our Aging Wellness Assessment patients, our Optimization Program is an ongoing 6-month care plan fully customized to your unique results and insights.
    Participation in our Optimization Program is required to receive ongoing care with prescription medication, hormone therapy, or weight loss medication (except skin and hair prescriptions). The program costs $500.
    Learn more about the Optimization Program.
    What is included in the Optimization Program
    The Optimization Program is customized to your aging goals. Through this program, you have access to:
  • Rx medication access and guidance along the way

  • 3 30-minute check-ins with a Modern Age clinician

  • 2 biomarker tests to track your progress

  • 20% off all Modern Age treatments and over-the-counter products

  • Free Consultations

    What happens in a consultation?
    A Modern Age clinician will work to understand your goals and then create a personalized plan that addresses multiple aspects of the aging process, including skin & hair health, hormones, metabolism, and other biological factors.
    What type of provider would I see in a consultation?
    For our general consultations, you will see one of our board-certified physicians. You can learn more about our clinicians here
    Do I have to go to a NYC clinic for a consultation?
    If you are located in NY, FL, MA, PA, IN, WA, IL, CO, NJ, and CT at your desired consultation, you can book a virtual consultation. We are continually expanding our services to new areas, so check back often for updates or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about when we’ll be available in your area.
    Do I need to create an account to schedule a consultation?
    Yes, you must create an account to schedule a consultation or treatment.
    Do you charge for virtual or in-person consults?
    Our virtual and in-person consultations are free of charge.


    How do I know which prescription is right for me?
    Please book a general consultation in person in our clinic or virtually to get started. In this consultation, a Modern Age physician will discuss your goals and then create a personalized plan that addresses multiple aspects of the aging process.
    Participation in our Aging Wellness Assessment and Optimization Program is required to receive ongoing care with prescription medication, hormone therapy, or weight loss medication (except skin and hair prescriptions).
    If I know what prescription I’m interested in, how do I get started?
    Navigate to the prescription page you are interested in and click the get started button. Our simple booking tool will help you schedule a virtual or in-clinic appointment. Our clinicians will determine the right next steps for you. 
    How much do prescriptions cost?
    Costs of prescriptions vary widely depending on the medication but your clinician will discuss the costs with you during your consultation if the medication is determined to be right for you.
    Can I use my insurance to pay for my prescriptions?
    At this time, Modern Age is not accepting insurance.
    How do I place a prescription order?
    You must have an in-person or virtual consultation with an MA clinician to obtain a skin or hair prescription. Once completed, we will send you an email asking you to confirm your order and submit payment.
    For weight loss and hormone medications, you must complete our Aging Wellness Assessment, determine the quality of the medication, and opt into our Optimization Program for ongoing care and guidance.
    How do I get a refill for my prescription order?
    We do not currently offer recurring subscriptions. In order to place a refill, please reach out to us at and we will place a refill order on your behalf.
    Who is your pharmacy partner?
    Our pharmacy partner is Curexa Pharmacy. Here are their two locations.

    Curexa® Compounding Rx Services
    3007 Ocean Heights Ave. Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234 p. 855.927.0390 f. 855.927.0392

    Curexa® Rx Services
    236 E Jimmie Leeds Rd, Suite C. Galloway, NJ 08205 p. 855.927.0390 f. 855.927.0392
    What areas of aging do your prescriptions address?
    We offer prescription medication across the hair, skin, and hormone areas of aging. Please schedule a consultation with a clinician to learn more.

    Treatments in our NYC Clinic

    What treatments do you offer in our NYC clinics?
    We chose each treatment deliberately with a holistic approach to the most common aging concerns. Our goal is to help our customers not just treat symptoms but also understand what’s causing those symptoms, particularly as our bodies change as we age. To learn more about our complete offerings, visit our "treatments" dropdown in the navigation.
    How many sessions do I need to see results?
    Visible results depend on which treatment you select. Refer to the commonly asked questions section of the treatment page or speak with your clinician.
    Should I tip after my treatment?
    You do not need to tip after your treatment with us. We appreciate you coming in and look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Do you offer payment plans for treatments?
    At this time, we do not offer payment plans. Treatments must be paid in full at the time of service.
    I have a question about my treatment. Where do I go?
    For treatment-specific questions, please see each treatment page in the common questions section. If you’d like to connect further, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone at (646) 493-9950 or email at and we’d be happy to assist.
    How do I schedule a follow-up appointment?
    The best way to schedule a follow-up treatment (or any appointment) is to book on our website.
    How do I know what to do before my appointment?
    You will receive an email with appointment preparation information before you arrive for your appointment. Depending on the treatment, the instructions may arrive the day before your appointment or up to a week prior. If you still have questions, please get in touch with us by phone or email.
    How do I know what to do after my appointment?
    You will receive information from your clinician at your appointment. In addition, we will email you your post-appointment care instructions and schedule a follow-up with your care provider if necessary.

    Clinic Information

    Where are the Modern Age clinics located?
    Our Flatiron clinic is located at 100 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011
    Our Upper East Side clinic is located at 1296 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10021
    What are your clinic hours?
    Flatiron Hours
  • Sunday: Closed

  • Monday: 9am-8pm

  • Tuesday: 9am-8pm

  • Wed: 9am-8pm

  • Thursday: 9am-8pm

  • Friday: 9am-8pm

  • Saturday: 9am-3pm

  • Upper East Side Hours
  • Sunday: Closed

  • Monday: Closed

  • Tuesday: 9am-6pm

  • Wed: 9am-6pm

  • Thursday: 9am-6pm

  • Friday: 9am-6pm

  • Saturday: 9am-3pm

  • What can I expect when I visit a Modern Age clinic?
    We aim to create a peaceful, supportive, and educational environment at Modern Age. A clinician will discuss your aging wellness plan and tools to help you feel better, age well and administer your treatment. Afterward, feel free to take a moment to relax at our refresh station and test various products. On your way out, a clinician can walk you through our retail store and help you build a routine that meets your wellness goals.

    Shipping Information

    Where does Modern Age ship?
    Modern Age ships over-the-counter products within the continental US. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska at this time. Prescriptions can be shipped to NY, FL, MA, PA, IN, WA, IL, CO, NJ, and CT.
    How much does shipping cost?
    Modern Age offers free standard shipping for over-the-counter online orders over $50. For orders under $50, standard shipping is $7.95. We also offer expedited 2-day shipping for $25 on over-the-counter orders.
    For prescription orders, shipping is always free. Unfortunately, we cannot offer expedited shipping on prescription orders now.

    A different provider fulfills our prescriptions, so please expect them to come separately from over-the-counter products. You will receive tracking information for each package.
    When can I expect my order to arrive?
    Standard over-the-counter product shipping is typically 2-7 business days. Prescription orders can take up to 8 business days to arrive. You will receive a tracking number via email as soon as your package ships. Please note you will receive prescription and over-the-counter products in separate shipments.
    What carriers do you use to ship?
    Modern Age ships via various premium carriers to provide you with the fastest and most reliable service. Typically, you can expect your Modern Age order will ship with FedEx or USPS.
    How can I edit or update my shipping address for an order?
    If your order is shipping to the wrong address, please email us at
    How do I cancel my order?
    To cancel your order, please email us at
    How do I check the status of my order?
    When your order is shipped (typically 1-2 days after you place the order), you’ll receive an email confirmation from us with your tracking details. You can also access your order history by logging into your Modern Age account, where you can click on your order number and see updates related to your order.

    Return Policy

    What is your return policy?
    Our return policy is straightforward: if you aren’t satisfied with your order, you can request a return within 30 days. We offer a money-back guarantee if returns are requested within this period. We want you to be satisfied with your new regimen and are always happy to help you find an alternative. To start a return, please email
    We do not accept returns on prescriptions at this time.
    What is your in-store return policy?
    Our in-store return policy is the same as online: a full refund if you are unsatisfied within 30 days.
    Can I exchange a product?
    No, at this time, we do not accept exchanges.
    If I bought a product online, can I return it in store?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accept online returns in-store.

    Payment Information

    When will I be charged for an in-clinic treatment?
    When you visit our clinic, Modern Age charges your card when you check out. If you are placing an e-commerce order, Modern Age authorizes your payment method when placing your order, and this amount might appear pending on your credit card statement. We will charge your card once your order ships to you.
    What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card and Apple Pay.
    Does Modern Age accept insurance?
    No, at this time we are not accepting insurance.
    Can I use my FSA to pay for my products online at Modern Age?
    Yes, you can use your FSA card to pay for products at Modern Age. When you buy these items with your FSA card, keep the receipt to prove you spent the funds on qualifying items. Modern Age sells SPFs and some other qualifying products.
    How do you protect my credit card information?
    Modern Age does not store your credit card information ourselves. We use a 3rd party payment processor, Stripe, who is PCI compliant to store and process all credit card information.

    Our Clinicians

    Who will I see for my appointments? 
    At Modern Age, we have an exceptional clinical staff with a wide range of expertise. You can learn more about them here