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We’re offering a new approach to aging that empowers people at every point in their journey.

Aging is a process that starts earlier than we think.

Aging timelineAging timeline
Timeline illustrating the effects of aging on the body from ages 20 to 40. At age 20, metabolism starts to slow 5% every ten years. Between 20-25, skin starts to lose collagen. At age 30, you reach peak bone mass. At age 40, eyesight begins to weaken and 40% of women have visible hair loss.

Getting older…

Shouldn’t mean feeling older. And doing something about it shouldn’t be seen as vain, or self-involved, or taboo. Because feeling younger is living longer, and that’s not vanity, it’s self-care.


Melissa Eamer, CEO
  • Glossier
  • Amazon

Melissa Eamer is a technology leader with decades of experience building consumer brands.

Prior to starting Modern Age, she served as the COO for Glossier, the digital first beauty unicorn. Before Glossier, Melissa spent over 19 years at Amazon leading teams across both retail and product development.

For Melissa, the mission to help people live longer, healthier lives is a personal one after losing her mom too soon.

Why Melissa founded Modern Age

Timeline of key moments in CEO Melissa Eamer's life.Timeline of key moments in CEO Melissa Eamer's life.
Before, After, After... We believe that aging is a unique journey that should never be reduced to just 2 points in time. Age 1: ready to tackle the world. Age 18: high school senior, ready to tackle college. Age 33: graduating from Ross Business School, ready to tackle the business world. Age 40: birth of my second daughter, ready to tackle multitasking at a whole new level.

Our Leadership Principles

Start with customers

Every decision we make starts with the customer and works backwards. We know that customer trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. We value thinking big and creating bold solutions to address customer needs.

Show a bias for action

We won’t have perfect information so we make the best decisions we can and work to deliver results. We make 2-way door decisions quickly and are more considered with 1-way door decisions.

Engage in healthy debate

We pushback respectfully when we disagree with a direction/decision/plan. We make data driven arguments and aren’t defensive when challenged. We leave space for team members to voice alternative points of view.

Take smart risks

We believe smart failures with validated learning are wins. We appreciate when people say: I don’t know (but I’ll get back to you), I was wrong (and here’s what I have learned), I need help (and here is what you can do).

Be curious and inclusive

We are decisive but able to change our minds based on new information. We seek to understand alternative points of view. We are hungry to learn about new ideas. We actively solicit different perspective. We are low ego.

Take care of each other

We set high standards for each other, but we also realize every day can’t be our best day. We earn the trust of our teammates. We make work fun. We show appreciation for our teammates’ unique perspectives. We will celebrate our successes both for what they are as well as how we achieved them.

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