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Common symptoms we treat

Hot Flashes
Is it hot in here? It might be the most common symptom of menopause, hot flashes. These sudden flares of heat often come with sweating, flushed skin, a rapid heartbeat, and feelings of anxiety. 
As common as they are, they shouldn’t be ignored. In a study of midlife women followed for over 20 years, frequent hot flashes were associated with up to a 77% increased risk of cardiovascular disease in the future. 
At Modern Age, we often recommend estradiol (estrogen) for hot flashes. It’s the most effective proven treatment and comes in multiple forms to meet your needs.
Low Energy
If you’re feeling constantly exhausted, it might be your hormones. During perimenopause, menopause, or anytime in a woman’s reproductive years, fluctuating sex hormones can cause symptoms like night sweats and PMS that can disrupt sleep and lead to fatigue.
On top of that, other hormone-related symptoms such as mood swings, stress, bloating, and breast tenderness can add to this feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion. 
By addressing symptoms and bringing our hormones into balance, we can help our bodies fight off fatigue and get back to feeling like ourselves.
Weight Gain
Hormone changes around menopause can also cause visible changes to your body. As estrogen levels decline, you might have a harder time keeping off weight. It’s common for the body to start distributing fat in the mid-section specifically, causing body shape to shift. 
Other menopausal symptoms, like fatigue and trouble sleeping, can further contribute to this weight gain, so it’s important to address these as they occur.
Brain Fog
Our mental clarity affects everything we do. Commonly known as brain fog, issues with mental clarity can show up as forgetfulness or difficulty processing information, solving problems, or concentrating on a task. 
These symptoms are often misdiagnosed as early signs of dementia or cognitive impairment, which can be scary. In reality, many people experience these symptoms because of declining levels of estrogen around menopause, which can be treated with hormone replacement therapy.
Difficulty Sleeping
If you find yourself tossing and turning more often than usual, menopausal symptoms may be the culprit. Symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats can cause difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.
For people experiencing this, estrogen replacement therapy can help ease these symptoms to improve sleep quality at night and energy during the day.
Low Sex Drive and Sensation
Many women notice changes in sexual satisfaction around their menopausal years. This can often show up as a low sex drive or difficulty getting aroused. For these issues, testosterone therapy can be effective. 
These changes can also show up physically. Vaginal dryness or atrophy can cause discomfort or pain during sexual activity, making intimate moments less desirable. For these symptoms, estrogen therapy can help.


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We take a comprehensive look at your hormone health

At Modern Age, we use an expanded biomarker analysis that helps us target which therapy can optimize your health, now and in the future.


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Hormone therapy can be used safely with rare risks of breast cancer or heart disease.

“Research on hormone therapy has been very complex for both doctors and patients. The most widely known study is likely the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study from 2002. There was a lot of attention given to the rare increase in breast cancer and heart disease. However, from that same study the patients in their 50s showed even more rare risk for breast cancer and more importance on timing of therapy for heart related issues. The 50s age group also showed reductions in colon cancer, diabetes, fractures and ‘all-causes’ of death. This is why finding an expert and assessing your specific risks and benefits is so important.” -Dr. Shoma Datta - Thomas, MD FACOG

We offer multiple forms of hormone therapy based on your needs.

How you receive hormone replacement therapy often comes down to what works best for your lifestyle. Your clinician can walk you through the details to help you find the right solution.

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Common Questions

Is there scientific evidence that hormone replacement therapy works?
Yes. There have been many studies on the benefits and safety considerations of hormone replacement therapy, detailed in the resources below:
Does Modern Age use bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT)?
All our prescribed hormones are bioidentical, meaning they are plant-based and have the exact chemical structure of the hormones your body naturally produces. At this time most BHT data is based on physician and patient reported side effects and not yet large randomized trials. 
What are hormone pellets?
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Pellets are tiny custom compounded hormone tablets of estrogen or testosterone. Pellets can help address issues with energy, focus, metabolism, libido, and mood in both men and women. 
Pellets are placed under the skin in our quick, in-office procedure by numbing and making a tiny incision at the back of the hip at the top of the glute muscle. The major benefit is it dissolves consistently over 3-5 months as the hormone is absorbed directly into your body.
Are there risks or side effects?
Hormone therapy can be used for symptom relief and long term health benefits with small risks. Your Modern Age clinician will talk through risks individual to you such as breast cancer and heart disease which depend on factors like your personal and family medical history. 
How soon will I see results?
Hormone therapy results occur over time. The first 3 months of use is when new hormone levels are leveling out and benefits begin. This is the time when mild general side effects like breast tenderness, mood changes, bloating and irregular vaginal bleeding may occur and usually resolve. If needed, persistent side effects can often be managed with dosage adjustments. Results can vary based on you as an individual and the particular hormone therapy, so your Modern Age clinician will work with you and let you know what to expect for your unique treatment plan. 
What are the qualifications of the clinicians?
All of our clinicians are board-certified physicians (MD or DO) or nurse practitioners (NP). You can learn about each of their credentials on our clinician page.
How do I get my blood drawn?
First, book your free consultation with one of our clinicians so we can get to know your symptoms and goals. This can be done in-person or virtually. Then, your clinician will set up a blood draw appointment for you if recommended for your needs. 
Where are your studios in NYC located?
We have two locations. You can find us in Flatiron at 100 5th Avenue, as well as on the Upper East Side at 1296 3rd Avenue. 
Do you accept health insurance or FSA?
Not today, but the costs associated with the blood draw diagnostics and treatments may be eligible for reimbursement by some insurance companies. We will provide you with a receipt that you can use to submit for reimbursement purposes. However, we can make no guarantees about reimbursement from your insurance plan. 

About Modern Age

We believe age doesn’t define us. Modern Age is the first healthcare company designed to slow down your aging. Our medical team uses the latest scientific research combined with evidence-backed treatments to proactively address the most frustrating and under diagnosed impacts of aging.

We all deserve a personalized plan to reach our physical and mental peak and live healthier lives.

About Modern Age

We believe age doesn’t define us. Modern Age is the first healthcare company designed to slow down your aging. Our medical team uses the latest scientific research combined with evidence-backed treatments to proactively address the most frustrating and under diagnosed impacts of aging.

We all deserve a personalized plan to reach our physical and mental peak and live healthier lives.