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| May 23, 2023

The Do's and Don'ts of Sun Exposure

While getting sun can be beneficial and provide you with valuable vitamin D, too much exposure can be harmful, increasing your risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

| May 19, 2023

A Brief Guide to Mindfulness

Experts say that the act of mindfulness can help minimize stress and anxiety and lead to a more fulfilling, happier life for those who practice it.

| May 19, 2023

How to Set Realistic Wellness Goals

When you visualize your wellness journey, you may picture several big-picture goals at the finish line. Read our guide here to learn how to accomplish this.

| May 10, 2023

Happy Mother's Day from our CEO, Melissa Eamer

My interest in longevity and how people age really started as a way to make sense of my mother’s journey.

| May 04, 2023

5 tips for boosting your mental health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Read on for tips on how to take proactive steps to boost your mental health and improve your overall well-being.

| May 03, 2023

What you Should know about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

There are solutions to help address pelvic floor dysfunction, including both preventative measures and treatments. Read the full article here.

| Apr 26, 2023

Can eating Raw Carrot Salad really help Balance your Hormones?

Many women experience an imbalance between estrogen and other hormones such as progesterone, known as estrogen excess. This can lead to symptoms such as painful menstrual periods, mood changes, and weight gain.

| Apr 26, 2023

Tart Cherry Juice: Does it Really Help you Sleep?

The trend of using tart cherry juice to promote better sleep has gained popularity in recent years, in part due to the growing interest in natural remedies and alternative approaches to health.

| Apr 26, 2023

Body Feeling Heavy? 5 Causes and Treatment Options

Your body can feel heavy as a result of hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and general fatigue. Learn more about the specific causes and treat the feeling.

| Apr 26, 2023

How you look and feel in your 30s

Entering a new decade of life can conjure up a rollercoaster of emotions: excitement, panic, surprise, optimism, and so much more. However you may be feeling, it’s helpful to know what changes you might experience in your 30s — from your skin to your mood

| Apr 18, 2023

Is Walking the Superior Exercise?

In today's world where many people have sedentary jobs and lifestyles, it is important to find ways to incorporate physical activity into our daily routines. One of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve this is by walking.

| Apr 18, 2023

1 Year of Modern Age: Reflections from our CEO

Happy Birthday Modern Age! Melissa Eamer shares her thoughts on the business after being open one year.

| Apr 17, 2023

What Is Brain Fog? | Ways to Improve Your Mental Clarity

In this article, we’ll outline what causes brain fog, what brain fog feels like, and how it can be treated to help you feel more energetic, alert, and engaged.

| Apr 12, 2023

What Is a Bone Density Test and How Does it Work?

Parents tell their children to drink milk so they can build strong, healthy bones. But looking after your bone health is just as important in adulthood.

| Apr 12, 2023

What Type of Magnesium is the Best for Sleep?

Magnesium might be the sleep solution you've been searching for. Learn how magnesium can improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety, and offers guidance on which form of magnesium is best for your specific needs.

| Apr 12, 2023

Glutathione Benefits for Health & Longevity

Glutathione levels decline as we age. Taking advantage of glutathione injections, IV drips, or supplements can help you feel less fatigued and reduce inflammation.

| Apr 07, 2023

Maximizing the Benefits of GLP-1 Medications: Sleep

Discover how getting enough sleep can enhance the effectiveness of GLP-1 medications for weight loss

| Apr 07, 2023

Maximizing the Benefits of GLP-1 Medications: Movement

Explore the benefits of exercise and GLP-1 medication for weight loss, and how these two interventions may work together to promote weight loss and improve overall health

| Apr 06, 2023

Inflammaging Part 3: The Inflammatory Diet

A poorly balanced diet is one of the most significant drivers of aging-related inflammation. Let's discuss why this is the case and what you can do to prevent diet-related inflammation.

| Apr 06, 2023

Inflammaging Part 2: Stress Management

Chronic stress is a major problem for many adults, and is directly linked to inflammation related aging. We're sharing some tips on how to reduce your stress and get inflammation under control.

| Apr 06, 2023

Inflammaging Part 1: What Causes Inflammation?

Inflammation is the biggest driver of aging, which is why it’s often referred to as “Inflammaging.” Understand what causes it and how you can take steps to reduce it in this post.

| Apr 06, 2023

5 Supplements to Manage Stress

Learn how to lower your stress levels. Discover supplements that can help you improve parts of your health that are affected by chronic stress.

| Mar 29, 2023

4 Ways Pets Improve Longevity

Modern Age has partnered up with Small Door Veterinary to look at how pet ownership can contribute to your overall longevity.

| Mar 29, 2023

Immunity and Aging: How are they linked?

The way we age is intimately linked to the state of our immune system's health. Find out the two main reasons why this is true and what you can do about it.

| Mar 28, 2023

Wrinkle Relaxers vs. Dermal Fillers: Which Treatment Is Right for You?

Cosmetic injections, including wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers, treat skin imperfections and create a more youthful appearance. But what’s the difference?