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    1 Year of Modern Age: Reflections from our CEO

      |  Apr 18, 2023

    At Modern Age we love to celebrate birthdays -- getting older should be filled with joy and optimism. Birthdays give us a chance to stop and reflect on experiences we have had and the people we have spent time with in the past year. They also are a great time to think about the things we are looking forward to in the year to come. One year ago today, we opened the doors of our first Modern Age clinic and I'm excited to celebrate our first birthday together!

    In our first trip around the sun, our clinical team has had a chance to see thousands of patients, form real connections with each one and help everyone walk out of our doors feeling a little brighter about the future.

    When we first met you we heard such honest and consistent themes: ‘I never feel heard by my doctor’, ‘I wonder if it is all in my head’, and ‘I just don’t feel like myself anymore.’

    While it was heartbreaking to hear, it’s not entirely surprising. Today most primary care doctors get to spend an average of 15 minutes with their patients and they see over 20 patients a day. Despite astronomical spending on healthcare, our healthspans are 15 years shorter than our lifespans. Recent studies show that, only 14% of patients report having had a positive experience in a healthcare setting in the prior 3 months and only 40% have a favorable perception of the quality of care in the United States.

    If there are any silver linings to a global pandemic, maybe one is that it gave us a new found appreciation for the importance of taking agency over our own health outcomes and of the need to be proactive instead of reactive. We are all realizing that when it comes to our health, knowledge is power.

    Last year, we launched our Aging Wellness Assessment with this in mind. We wanted to create a personalized, 360-degree view of your health across all the areas that play an important role in how we age; from cognitive health to cardiovascular health, from inflammation to sexual wellness to metabolic health. It’s the view I wanted for myself and for those I love. It's the one I wish I had for my mom.

    It’s been so exciting to see this assessment help so many people so quickly. So far, we have seen patients in their 20’s, patients in their 70’s and everyone in between. I love that stat-- it means people in their 20’s are being far more proactive than I was at their age and people in their 70’s are still eager to invest in their future selves. Our clinical team has been able to help people both feel better today and invest in their future selves and already we are hearing some new themes:

    • “I was surprised to have such a seamless experience. The doctor really listened to me and HEARD my concerns. Often I feel dismissed by medical professionals …That was not the case at all with Modern Age!”

    • “I really appreciated that the clinician got me.”

    • “Doctor, you changed my life!”

    Our mission is to add millions of years of healthy life expectancy to the world. Thank you to everyone who has helped us start making that mission a reality. If we keep doing our jobs well, I look forward to a very, very long relationship with all of you!

    Feel Good. Age Well.

    Melissa Eamer, CEO