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    Becoming Limitless: How to Extend Your Lifespan Like Chris Hemsworth

      |  Dec 18, 2023

    Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is best known for his roles in high earning action and drama movies, where he’s played everything from an alien hunter to a racecar driver to a mythical Nordic god. In 2021, Hemsworth stepped away from the silver screen to pursue a new challenge: discovering the secrets of longevity in a docuseries for National Geographic. 

    The series, Limitless, took Chris around the world as he experimented with practices like fasting, cold plunges, and meditation. In one memorable episode about memory, Hemsworth also found out that he has a genetic predisposition towards Alzheimers, a discovery that he says changed his approach to health.

    Today, Chris’ routine integrates the practices he learned on his journey around the world across all aspects of his life. Keep reading to discover his secrets, and how to incorporate them into your everyday routine.

    A balanced exercise routine

    Prior to the show, Hemsworth’s intense exercise routine (which helped him get in shape to play a superhero) was mostly focused on weight lifting and training. Today, he still lifts weights, but puts a greater emphasis on cardio and endurance. The combination of all three is a powerhouse for getting the most from any exercise session. Regular cardio reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, while weight lifting strengthens bones and improves muscle mass

    Commitment to a routine like Hemsworth’s can be tough. He works out 5 days a week, and recently shared his 1,000 rep bodyweight routine, which includes 200 pushups, mountain climbers, squats, flutter kicks, and sit throughs. You don’t have to work out like an action hero to experience the benefits of exercise though. Instead, make sure to incorporate a variety of exercises into your routine, instead of focusing on just one. If you’re a yogi, add some weights into your practice, or if you’re a master of the squat rack, add a brisk walk or run to your routine.

    A diet for a superhero

    After a 1,000 rep bodyweight routine, we imagine Chris Hemsworth must be pretty hungry. So it makes sense that the actor eats an estimated 4,500 calories a day, split up into eight meals every two hours, alongside a few snacks. His diet consists of steak, chicken, fish, rice, and sweet potatoes, with protein shakes between meals. Of course, Hemsworth is following a diet that supports muscle growth and allows him to keep in top physical shape for playing superheroes like Thor. It’s not attainable, or recommended, for most people.

    However, Hemsworth did explore diet in relation to longevity in his television series, Limitless. In the second episode of the show, Hemsworth learned about the benefits of fasting, which can help regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and even prevent neurodegenerative disorders. According to Hemsworth, he plans on incorporating fasting into his routine on a regular basis by choosing days of the week to fast until mid-day, and trying out 24 hour fasts at least once a month.

    Fasting isn’t right for everyone, but there are ways to get the same benefits from your diet without skipping breakfast. Eating whole foods rich in antioxidants can reduce oxidative stress that causes inflammation, and leads to long term diseases like cancer and arthritis. If you’re concerned about blood sugar and metabolic health, tests are available to discover how your body is reacting to your current diet, and what you can do to improve it.

    A regular ritual

    According to his Instagram and recent interviews, Hemsworth was inspired by his exploration of ice baths and saunas during his time filming Limitless, and now incorporates them into his daily routine. Studies have shown that both practices offer immense health benefits including improved heart health and improved insulin sensitivity, respectively. Hemsworth takes an ice bath for three minutes each morning, and uses the sauna for 15-20 minutes after every workout.

    Interested in taking the plunge? Many local gyms, including YMCAs, offer saunas that can be used by members, and higher end facilities offer private experiences, sometimes combined with other therapies for greater benefits. Cold plunges can be done at a local bathhouse, spa, or even at home — just turn your shower temperature way down. 

    A limitless approach to life

    You don’t have to live like an A-list actor to unlock the secrets to longevity, but we promise you’ll feel like one at Modern Age. Your ideal exercise, diet, and daily routine are unique to your health and your body’s needs, and we can help you discover them. Start with our Aging Wellness Assessment to discover how to age better and live longer, no television show necessary.

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