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    Daxxify vs. Botox: Q&A with Stef Rippenbaum, NP

      |  Mar 22, 2023

    Daxxify is the newest FDA-approved treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Stef Rippenbaum, board certified Nurse Practitioner at Modern Age, has the answers to your questions below.

    What is Daxxify?

    Daxxify is a neuromodulator - part of a group of medicines that are used to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines, creases and wrinkles. It’s an alternative to Botox and Xeomin, two other neuromodulators that have been on the market for quite some time. 

    Daxxify is very similar to other neuromodulators. A treatment involves injecting micro-doses of the drug into the muscle below the wrinkle to temporarily reduce its impulses and allow the facial muscles to relax.

    What is the difference between Daxxify, Botox, and other neuromodulators?

    The main difference with Daxxify is that its results last much longer than Botox and other neuromodulators - keeping fine lines and wrinkles smoother for longer. Results from Daxxify last for up to 6 months, while Botox lasts about 3-4 months. This means only two touch-ups per year as opposed to 3 or 4. 

    What research has been done on Daxxify?

    Daxxify was tested in clinical trial on more than 2,700 patients who received 4,200 treatments before gaining FDA approval.  In evaluations one month after their injections, 98% of these patients had little or no appearance of wrinkles. After 6 months, half of patients were completely or nearly wrinkle free, and these results continues for some patients even after nine months.

    Is it safe to combine Daxxify with other injectables?

    If you’ve had other neuromodulator injections in the past, studies show that it is safe to proceed with Daxxify. 

    Are there any side effects that are specific to Daxxify?

    The side effects from Daxxify are similar to other neuromodulators. Side effects tend to be mild and temporary. The injections, rather than the neuromodulator itself, cause most mild side effects like bruising, swelling, or redness.

    Are there specific cases in which you would suggest Daxxify over other neuromodulators?

    For first-time injectables patients, I would recommend starting with something that doesn’t last as long, like a Botox or Xeomin. This gives you a chance to figure out how much you’re comfortable with and how you want to look. Once you are comfortable with neuromodulators, I would suggest switching to something that’s much longer lasting like Daxxify.

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    About Stef Rippenbaum, NP

    Stef is a Board Certified Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner with a speciality in cosmetic dermatology. She enjoys creating personalized skin plans that help her patients feel refreshed and confident. Stef has 7 years of nursing experience and has injected over 10,000 faces over the span of her career.