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    Meet The Aging Index: An Updated Way to Talk About Aging

      |  Jan 11, 2024

    The stigma that comes with aging can make it challenging to embrace it and can even lead to a fear of getting older. In a recent survey we ran, 97% of respondents said they think about aging at least once a week, and over 75% of respondents said they are afraid of the aging process.

    We think getting over the fear of aging starts with the very words we use to talk about the aging process. The terms used to define life stages just haven’t aged very well - it's time we breathe new life into these words and embrace the changes that come with getting older.

    Without further ado, meet the Aging Index.

    The Aging Index

    A new glossary with a fresh spin on outdated aging terms

    1. Seasoned Citizen instead of Senior Citizen. 

    2. Zenith instead of Over-the-hill 

    3. Evolved instead of Middle-aged.  

    4. 20th Century Modern instead of Boomer. 

    5. Advanced instead of Geriatric. 

    6. Post-career instead of Retiree.

    7. Vital years instead of Sunset years

    8. Relaxed Tempo instead of Senile

    9. Venerable instead of Old-timer.

    10. Wise Adult instead of Elder.

    From now on, the team at Modern Age is pledging to use these updated terms as part of our mission to redefine what it means to age well every day.

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