We’re here to give you complimentary, personalized guidance to help you age well, inside and out. Talk with a Modern Age clinician virtually or in-person at our NYC studio.

Aging wellness guidance, just for you

Your aging journey is a personal one, so every consultation starts with getting to know you and what’s important to you as you get older — from how you look, to how you feel, to how optimistic you are about what lies ahead.

At Modern Age, we offer guidance, treatments, products, and prescriptions across skin, hair, bone and hormone health. We can help you understand what happens as you age, how these changes affect how you look and feel, and what options you have to take control of the outcomes. 

A consultation is your time to ask about any symptoms or treatments — Is Botox something I have to keep doing? Why am I tired all the time? My hair seems to be shedding a lot recently, is that normal? I think I may be having hot flashes, but isn’t it too early for menopause? Whatever questions you have, our clinicians are here to help.

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Common Questions

Who will I see for my consultation?
Your consultation will be with one of our clinicians who are all board-certified medical experts with expertise in aging wellness. You can learn more about our clinicians here.
How long will my consultation last?
Consultations typically last 1 hour. This allows time for your clinician to get to know you and your unique aging wellness goals, then give personalized guidance based on your needs.
Do they cost anything or am I obligated to buy something?
Our consultations are complimentary and there is no purchase necessary. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your own aging wellness journey.
What are the most common things people ask about or discuss in a consultation?
Our clinicians are happy to help you with all kinds of questions and concerns. We hear everything from “I feel like I have less energy than I used to” to “I can’t fall asleep easily” to “Why is my hair thinning?” and much more. Questions around hair growth, mood swings, energy crashes, weight gain, concentration, sexual function, and skin changes are all common in our consultations.