The only FDA approved prescription for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. Addyi helps women who are not yet in menopause with symptoms of low sexual desire.

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Product Information

Who It’s For
Addyi is for pre-menopausal women who experience symptoms of HSDD (low sexual desire) that are not due to medical or psychological issues, relationship problems, or side effets from other medications (for example, antidepressants). HSDD is characterized as low sexual libido and low desire to have sex. Addyi is not prescribed to women who have gone through menopause.
How to use
Addyi should only be taken at bedtime. It is important to take Addyi as prescribed by your Modern Age clinician to help decrease the risks of sleepiness, low blood pressure, fainting and accidental injury.
Side Effects
The most common side effects for Addyi are dizziness, nausea, tiredness, difficulty falling asleep and dry mouth. 
Good to Know
If you consume up to 2 alcoholic drinks, wait 2 hours before taking Addyi at bedtime. One alcoholic drink is defined as: one 12 oz beer, 5 oz of wine, 1.5 oz of distilled spirits or liquor.  

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How to use

Daily, at the same time each day, with food.
Take 1 tablet, as prescribed by your clinician.

Common Questions

Who is Addyi appropriate for?
Addyi is appropriate for women who are pre-menopausal and have consistent low libido. Your Modern Age clinician will work with you to determine if Addyi is appropriate.
Who is Addyi not appropriate for?
You should not take Addyi if you take medications to treat HIV, fungal infections, Hepatitis C, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart problems or take the SSRI Nefazodone. 
What should I avoid while taking Addyi?
You should avoid operating machinery and driving for at least 6 hours after you take Addyi. You should avoid drinking grapefruit juice and more than 2 alcoholic drinks at one time. Those taking Addyi should not take herbal supplements that include St. John’s Wort, Gingko or Resveratrol as ingredients.

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