Hormone Optimization

Testosterone Cream

Testosterone is an essential hormone for both women and men. This cream works to address signs of testosterone deficiency, including issues with energy, focus, metabolism, and mood.

  • Helps with mental sharpness & energy

  • Improves libido

  • Helps address mid-section weight & metabolism

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Product Information

Who it's for
Testosterone therapy can be helpful for anyone experiencing symptoms of testosterone deficiency including fatigue, mood issues, bone loss, low libido, and mid-section weight gain.

Testosterone is not just for men — in fact, it's the most abundant hormone in the female body and is essential for the health and wellbeing of both men and women.
Normal testosterone levels are essential for overall health, from bone mineral density to everyday mood. Testosterone therapy can help with improving:
  • Energy level

  • Mood stability

  • Libido

  • Mid-section weight loss

  • Glucose control and metabolism

  • What to expect
  • Benefits from testosterone therapy can appear right away, or most commonly within 2-3 weeks. However, it can take a few months to get the dose optimized so that you're feeling better with minimal or no side effects.

  • Downsides:
  • Most side effects are mild and can be managed through adjusting the dose of the medication. The most common side effects are acne and chin hair growth.

  • The cream can transfer to others. Be careful to apply it to an area that won't come in contact with other people or pets, and wash hands thoroughly. 

  • Safety information
    We do not recommend Testosterone Cream to anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive.

    The prescription you need, without the hassle

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      Your clinician will take your medical history and symptoms, order diagnostic testing to understand your hormone levels, then create a personalized plan for you.

    • Speedy shipping

      If this testosterone therapy is right for you, you'll get a custom prescription shipped directly to your home.

    • Ongoing support

      Your Modern Age clinician will check in with you as you take your hormones to ensure you have optimal dosage and benefits.

    How to use

    Apply once or twice daily, as directed by your clinician.
    The cream can be applied to your bikini line, wrists, or behind your knees.
    Rub into clean skin until it is fully absorbed, then wait for it to dry completely before getting dressed.
    Good to know
    The cream can rub off onto other people, pets, and surfaces, so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly to reduce the chance of transferring it.

    What our experts say

    I call testosterone my ‘secret weapon’ for optimizing women’s hormone health! We are still awaiting large research trials on this type of supplementation but my patients do report improvement in hot flashes, mood, sex drive and concentration - and I witness their improvements myself!

    ~ Dr. Shoma Datta - Thomas, MD FACOG

    Common questions

    Is it safe for women to take testoterone?
    Yes. Testosterone is the most abundant hormone in a woman's body. While women do not have as much testosterone as men, testosterone plays an important role in the overall health and wellbeing of women. 

    Our testosterone levels naturally decline as we age, so hormone therapy can be both safe and helpful in regulating our mood, metabolism, energy, and more.
    Is there evidence or data to support the use of testosterone therapy?
    Many studies have been done proving the efficacy of testosterone therapy on men, showing that men with low libido have significant improvements to their overall sexual activity, sexual desire, and erectile function.
    There is emerging evidence demonstrating the benefit of testosterone for women on sexual health as well as general health and wellbeing:
  • One study showed that by age 40, on average a woman's testosterone had declined by one-half.

  • One randomized trial demonstrated 20-50% improvement in wellbeing, mood and sexual function with testosterone treatment in young (premenopausal) women. 

  • Another randomized trial should have 50% increase in satisfactory sexual events for women who were prescribed testosterone support.

  • Are compounded hormones like testosterone safe?
    Yes. Compounded hormones are custom-made versus being manufactured at a factory. There have been concerns about the safety and quality of compounded hormones due to some historical incidents involving compounding pharmacies with bad practices unrelated to hormonal therapies. Modern Age works with only reputed and regulated compounding pharmacies that have a proven track record and are held to a high standard. 
    Does taking testosterone make women take on more masculine features?
    No. Side effects such as acne or increased chin hair growth are possible with high doses, but your Modern Age clinician will be careful to dose you appropriately. We can also adjust your dosage as needed to help you experience full benefits without these side effects.

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