Intravaginal Radiofrequency

Improve vaginal sensation, lubrication, and laxity with radiofrequency energy.

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Starting at $1000/session

Why you'll love it

Up to 45% of women deal with dryness or a lack of sensation, which can lead to pain during sex or overall discomfort. 

Intravaginal Radiofrequency is a safe, non-invasive treatment for those experiencing a noticeable shift in sexual satisfaction. Radiofrequency energy helps increase collagen and blood circulation, which works to improve vaginal sensitivity and lubrication for more pleasurable sex. A course of 3 sessions is recommended for best results.

About the experience

  • How to prep

    No preparation needed. Your first appointment will include a 15 minute vaginal exam before treatment. 

  • How it feels

    The radiofrequency wand is placed vaginally for 15-20 min. You can expect a warm pressure, but no pain. 

  • Good to know

    The device is not much wider than a tampon and has a small square on top where the radiofrequency is emitted. 

What it treats

  • Dryness

  • Vaginal laxity

  • Bladder leaks

  • Lack of sensation


  • Intravaginal Radiofrequency

    Curious if this is the right treatment for you? If you’re experiencing a noticeable increase in dryness or pain, or decrease in sensation and pleasure during sex, Intravaginal Radiofrequency may be an effective solution. Your first appointment will include a brief vaginal exam to confirm your eligibility and ensure we get you the right treatment to help you feel your best.

    • 1 session $1000
    • 3 sessions $2500

Meet Dr. Datta-Thomas, MD FACOG

Dr. Shoma Datta-Thomas, MD is our Head of Wellness Medicine at Modern Age. As a board certified gynecologist she has extensive experience in the treatment of sexual wellness and pelvic health.

Common Questions

Who is Intravaginal Radiofrequency for?
This treatment can be helpful for women of any age experiencing decreased vaginal sensation or lubrication during sex, as well as those with vaginal laxity (looseness) or atrophy (thinned skin). These symptoms can be common for women post childbirth or peri and post-menopause because of changing estrogen levels. For many women, this can lead to general discomfort or painful sex.
How will Intravaginal Radiofrequency help me?
Radiofrequency energy works to increase blood circulation and stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin, which helps firm and tighten the vaginal area. With consistent sessions, the result is more pleasurable sex with increased sensation and lubrication. Some patients also report experiencing improvement in bladder control issues. For ongoing results, maintenance sessions are recommended. 
When can I expect results?
While some patients report improvement earlier, the recommended protocol is 1 session every 2 weeks for 3 sessions total. Optimal results continue to build to 6 weeks after the final session. 
Does it hurt?
No, the treatment does not hurt. It’s most commonly described as  warm internal pressure or pulsing while the radiofrequency is applied. 
How often should I get this treatment?
 We recommend 3 sessions total, with one session every 2 weeks. After that, a maintenance session is recommended every 6 months. 
What should I expect after treatment?
You may experience mild sensitivity for 24-48 hours, but you’ll be able to continue most normal routines comfortably, such as exercise and showering. However, you should avoid getting into a hot bath or a jacuzzi, or having any internal contact (sex, tampons) for at least 2 days. 

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