Neurofeedback Therapy

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Neurofeedback Therapy

What is Neurofeedback Therapy?

Neurofeedback therapy, also known as EEG biofeedback, monitors brainwaves and gives real-time feedback while you perform various tasks. Over time, this feedback trains the brain to focus on specific patterns in order to reach peak performance.

For example, a business executive might use neurofeedback therapy to train their brain to have quicker responses in high-pressure situations. Or, someone struggling with memory can use neurofeedback to improve their ability to remember day-to-day details. 

What it treats

  • Memory issues

  • Concentration issues

  • Peak mental performance

  • Brain fog

  • Sleep issues

  • Anxiety

  • Mood instability

Are you functioning at your mental peak?

As we get older and go through adversity, trauma, or everyday stresses of life, these experiences alter our brain wave patterns and cause us to function well below our peak. For example, a growing body of research demonstrates that an excess of a brainwave called theta and a deficiency of a brainwave called low beta is associated with diminished ability to focus, perform and make effective decisions. Neurofeedback therapy directly addresses these brainwave patterns to bring your mind closer to its mental peak.

Brain waves that measure memory, focus & performance

  • Gamma | Awareness

    (>30Hz) Dominant in times of focus like problem solving

  • Beta | Alertness

    (13-30Hz) Dominant during problem-solving, judgment, decision making

  • Alpha | Relaxed

    (8-12Hz) Dominant during meditative and mindful activities

About the Experience

Get the Kit

You’ll receive our neurofeedback kit, which includes a headband, electrode, and electrode paste.

Complete At-Home Diagnostic

The diagnostic creates a quantitative EEG (qEEG), or a personalized brain map.

Get a Custom Program

Meet with a Modern Age clinician & discuss your results to create a custom neurofeedback program.

Train With Music, Games, & More

Your brainwave activity will affect what you hear and see on the screen.

Track Progress & Adjust

Enjoy unlimited training for 2 months & clinician check-ins to review progress and adjust training.

About the Experience

Get the Kit
You’ll receive our neurofeedback kit, which includes a headband, electrode, and electrode paste.

Common Questions

Is neurofeedback therapy supported by research?
Yes, neurofeedback is supported by over 700 peer reviewed publications spanning over 35 years that demonstrate its ability to positively influence brain function.
Is neurofeedback therapy safe?
Neurofeedback is completely safe and there are no documented adverse effects. However it is important that you work with an experienced clinician (like ours at Modern Age) to improve your chances of success. 
Does neurofeedback therapy involve electricity flowing into my brain?
No it does not. Neurofeedback involves you training your own brainwaves to fire in the right direction. 
How long does it take to see results?
Your clinician will design a program tailored to your brain and your goals. After just a few sessions, some people start to notice results such as better sleep or sharper focus. Most people will see significant improvements in cognitive performance after 2-3 months of consistent training.
How long do neurofeedback therapy sessions last? How often do I need to do them?
This will depend on the specific program your clinician sets up for you. However, in general, Neurofeedback sessions last about 20 minutes.
What do I do during neurofeedback training sessions?
During a neurofeedback session, you’ll wear your neurofeedback headset and either play a game, watch a video or listen to music. Your brainwave activity will affect what you hear and see on the screen. When your brainwaves are moving in the direction set by your clinician, you’ll hear the music get louder, see the screen get brighter, or see the character in the game make progress. Just relax and don’t try too hard — your brain will do the work on its own!
How long do I have access to the neurofeedback program? What if I need more time?
If you purchase our neurofeedback program, you will have the opportunity to do an unlimited number of sessions for 2 months. Your clinician will set a recommended frequency, but you can do more if you’d like to. If the program is followed consistently, many people notice lasting results after 2 months and do not require additional therapy. However if you need more time, or if you have a new goal, you can purchase an additional 2 months of therapy. Your clinician can help set this up for you. 
Do I have to download the Myndlift App?
Yes, the app will allow you to train every day using the mindlyft device. You won’t be able to access your training on a computer since it connects via bluetooth. It works both on iOS and Android. 
Is neurofeedback therapy a prescribed medical treatment?
No, neurofeedback therapy is an over-the-counter wellness treatment and by purchasing this, you're not establishing a patient-doctor relationship with Modern Age.

What people are saying

Mollie C.

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Bryan H.

5 stars

The space is vibrant, welcoming, and very thoughtfully laid out. Stephanie had a warm demeanor and she was very well versed in educating me about my first Botox treatment. I felt like I was in very good hands! Some of my favorite touches were the meditative breathing exercises on the TV screen in the treatment room and the bone density scan.

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Stacey H.

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5 stars for my first visit! Enjoyed the website design and the option to book an appointment online. The service was excellent from start to finish. Staff were very friendly and accommodating. The doctor was very thorough when explaining the botox process. She did a great job and the I love the results!! I will definitely be back in 3-4 months!

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Grace O.

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I had a great experience at Modern Age. Clinicians at other places can be curt and rush you through everything — that doesn’t happen at MA. They even had a special vibrating tool to help distract me from the Botox shots going in! This place exudes luxury and science. I will definitely be going back!!

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Sadie B.

5 stars

Gorgeous space; knowledgeable and comforting staff from the front desk to the clinicians; great array of products (I loved the sample hyaluronic acid especially - will be back for more!). Highly recommend, especially if it is your first time having something like Botox done - everyone is patient and helpful and the spaces are very relaxing.

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